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Rae Fung was raised in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. He has had a passion for art since his youth, when he began painting various subjects that interested him. The most enjoyable part for Rae was to express the subject with a sense of his own visual language. Later on, he further developed his interest in the arts and discovered photography as a form of interlinked visual art, and one that he truly enjoyed. Following his passion, Rae graduated from the University of New South Wales, majoring in the College of Fine Arts (COFA).After college, Rae travelled abroad to different countries in order to develop a deeper compassion for the world around us.  On his travels, Rae discovered that there is always something out there to enchant, tantalize and stimulate him to make striking pictures, if not a masterpiece. He especially enjoyed photographing the indigenous people he met in the cultures of the different places he visited. After the trip, Rae practiced as a professional photographer in Sydney before settled down in Hong Kong, continuing his journey and career as a photographer. Rae’s experience and broad vision means he will never run out of material.Rae is just as committed to your dreams, whatever they may be. He is available for engagements and weddings; banquets and events; portraits of children, newborns, seniors and families; commercial products; and corporate and executive photographs.  You may be rest assured that he will settle for nothing less than bringing you the best experience possible.SW Fine Arts Photography provides a variety of photographic packages to meet clients and events from all walks of life. Plans and schedules will be drawn up to tie in with your needs and everything designed with you in mind. Rae aims to deliver with heart the perfect experience and advice, making sure your event is a memorable and enjoyable one.Rae looks forward to serving you in the days to come. Just dream up your wish and he will help you make it come true. Rae may be contacted just at your fingertips.

Studio Address

RM 33, 3/F, Metro Centre Ⅱ, 21 Lam Hing ST, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong  (By Appointment only)

Tel: 852 9403 2788

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